About us

Ramah El Hadq Press Services and Advertising was established in 1999, where its advertising activities started with a specialized advertising newspaper, which was then the pioneer in the field of advertising and had preceded its counterpart from other advertising newspapers by nearly 5 years. .

- In 2008, stare archers turned to the Internet and their website was established alhadag.com achieved another leadership, and since its foundation, the site has contained an appreciated space for the press with its various specialties; besides serving vacancies and creating a market for cars and real estate on the Internet is the first of its kind.

After 10 years of development and working to "amaze clients", "stun throwers" topped the recruitment companies in the private sector, and became alhadag.com is the undisputed first job site in Sudan with over a million watch pages per month.

We, in archers, find all the pride in the relationships we build with our corporate clients and job seekers alike.We have the knowledge and experience that qualify us to offer a range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of customers

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