رماة الحدق للتوظيف و التطوير Khartoum -- Date Posted 2/18/2021

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Search for Common Ground

Term of Reference

Search for Common Ground intends to conduct a workshop for “Training on Finical management” for staff and partners from 6 states Kassala, South and West Kordofan, Gadarif Blue Nile and Khartoum. This Workshop will be overall coordinated by Search Sudan finance team. Search in Sudan is looking for qualified consultancy to facilitate and manage a consultative workshop to increase capacity building around selected financial aspects.


The purpose of the training is to improve financial programming and documentation process of staff members and local partners to be accurately aware of procedures and project performance that impact the financial strength of the organization.

More specifically, the workshop aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Concept of financial management.
  2. Internal Control System
  3. Financial Monitoring 
  4. Accounting Records.
  5. Financial Planning
  6. Financial reporting templates.
  7. Payment cycle.
  8. Key rules and regulations from donors (EEU as example)
  9. Budgeting.

2- Term

Application deadline for this Term of Reference will be on  2021/2/24

3- Members

Search for Common Ground and Local partners will attend the training. This mainly consists of members who directly implement programs within the organization.

4- Expected outcomes

  • Supporting the partner organization finance in further understanding the above objectives.
  • Improving staff and partners confidence and capacities.

All interested applicants must submit their CV, financial proposal, motivation letter to our Search in Sudan office located at Al Taif Street, 27 Street (Salam st) Khartoum, Sudan.

Or via email to our procurement at 

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Industry Management
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رماة الحدق للتوظيف و التطوير
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